Hero Energy & Engineering awarded funding to develop Transactive Energy Frameworks under NRCAN Climate Change Adaptation

In partnership with the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority and York University Blockchain.lab, Hero Energy & Engineering has been awarded funding to design Transactive Energy Frameworks for Increased Grid Resiliency under the calls for Climate Change Adaptation.

This prestigious opportunity will allow Hero to design distributed, multi-objective control systems that allow owners of distributed energy resources (DERs) to alter their behavior to increase power system resiliency and efficiency. In return, the DER owners are eligible for financial compensation. Examples of such behavior can be in the form of reactive power compensation from distributed generators, or slowing the rate of charge of electric vehicles during peak hours.

The 1 year project will be expected to be complete by September, 2019. This project represents Hero’s first foray into the blockchain space, which has great potential to facilitate secure, trustless transactions amongst disparate DER owners.